Sunday, February 5, 2012

Back in the Saddle AGAIN.

So as you can tell, someone (NOT ME lol) hasn't been writing on her blog.
CURSE YOU. But here I sit, on the eve of a pretty big day, wanting to share with you, a little bit of what's been going on.

So since my last post, a TON has happened. The biggest thing though, is being UNEMPLOYED. Yeah, let me tell you how much that sucks. It's probably been the hardest 5 months ever.

But here I am, sitting on my couch staring at the clock. I have 10 hours until I have to be at orientation for my new job. Yep, you heard that right, NEW JOB. YAY. I doubt that I will be sleeping at all tonight. First of all I don't sleep much anyway, but when I am nervous or excited, sleep is almost nonexistent.

So since I have been jobless for so long, it got me thinking about my weight again. (Not again, I actually think about it quite often. Every time I see myself in the mirror, I die a little inside lol) I was thinking about if I had dedicated myself right when I was laid off, I would totally be at my goal weight, or close to it. IDIOT. So, I decided that once I get on a schedule with work, (I work right by the gym) and all that stuff, I will start with a diet and exercise regimen.

And I know I have stated this numerous times, but this time, I AM NOT GIVING UP. I will have a job that will support my healthy eating, possibly a membership to Weight Watchers. (Haha, after seeing Jennifer Hudson, I get really jealous.) But I've been thinking, I am 24 now, and I am not getting any younger. I want to start a family, and the next step for me is to lose weight and see if that will help. If not, we will take another course of action. But I am ready to take this step, stick to it, and continue living a healthy lifestyle and STICKING TO IT.

Thanks to PINTEREST (lol) I have been getting really inspired. I look at the fitness section and see all these girls' blogs that have been pinned on there, and all their successes. I think, "Look at them! How amazing! I can totally do that!" OR, "Dang, look at that outfit. How cute would that be if I was skinny and could actually wear that?" I have a ton of outfits "pinned" so when the day comes that I am at or near my goal weight, I can go on a shopping spree! So now that I am in a quite inspiring mood, I am going to take it and run. Literally. I plan on doing a 5k with the Hubbs and our cousins. I just figure that when I was younger, I didn't have a problem staying skinny as long as I was involved in sports, and staying active. I really dislike working out, but it's only because I am SO out of shape. Being in shape actually helps that ya know. Working out can actually be enjoyable, if you don't feel like you are going to die if you run more than 5 yards haha.

So tomorrow when I get off work, I am going straight to the gym and get my work out on. I'm also going to weigh myself of a reliable scale and take my measurements. I feel a little embarrassed putting it on here, but I feel that I will achieve the best results if I am held accountable for everything. I also want to post some pictures. This actually makes me want to vomit, haha. There is nothing like showing your big old fat mug on the internet right? But like I said, I want to be able to see my progress and document everything that I do, so that when I get to my goal, I can look back at all that I have accomplished, and maybe inspire someone to take the journey.

But it looks like I should be hitting the sack. I need to at least try and get some sleep before my big day!


I am going to do this. And I'm not even kidding.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Last vacation of the year! TEAR!

Yesterday we got back from our last camping trip of the year! SAD!
Hubbs and I are big campers and go a ton throughout the summer! 
His family owns property up in Lava Hot Springs {on a mountain-top}
It's about 10 miles from Lava. This was the first year we went camping since we sold our trailer, and let me just tell you, going from a trailer, to sleeping in a tent is LAME! 
I HATE air-mattresses! I have never slept so bad in my entire life haha. 
But It was worth it, we had a blast. 

As far as vacation dieting....
I didn't eat horrible, but didn't eat great.
I had a TON of pop though...shame on me. 
Its really hard to eat well when you are camping. 
But we did quite a bit of walking. 
So exercising wasn't a total failure. 

Tomorrow when I go to the gym, i'm going to get my accurate measurements, weight, BMI, and Body Fat Percentage. Just so I know the scale there is right, 
and I can have an accurate starting point. I'm going to stick to straight cardio for my workouts for a few weeks, just so I can get more "in-shape" so I don't kill myself. 

As for today, I am super busy. 
I should have went to the gym this morning. 
But I woke up late. 
I need to get on a schedule, so when I have days like this, 
I will have already done my workout!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Awakened from the dead!

Hello everyone!! Yes I am still alive!

I decided to take a break from blogging for a while. 
Things were just getting too stressful, 
and I couldn't seem to find the time to write. 

Back and ready to take this thing called weight loss, and 


Let me update everyone on what's been going on! I still haven't been able to lose the weight I want, so I am going to start writing here again,
and hopefully doing some Vlogs. 

{I still need to set up my webcam and all that jazz, 
so for now we will just shoot for blog posts! 
Gotta start small right!! ha!} 

After the latest season of The Biggest Loser, 
I became really inspired to reach out and ask for help from 
the people off the show. By twitter and facebook, I contacted 
a few of them and asked for some suggestions and tips 
for someone who is wanting to lose around 100lbs. 
They were generous and totally answered me! 


I entered a contest on Facebook via Biggest Loser Contestant 
and fellow Utahn, the beautiful Sarah Nitta!
remember her??

{isn't she fabulous!? She lost over 100 pounds!}

We had to tell our story of why we gained weight 
and why we want to lose weight, and I was picked {along with 3 others!}
To get a VIP pass to The Biggest Loser Casting Call in SLC!!

I decided right then and there that whether or not 
I got on The Biggest Loser, I needed to take 
a stand and change my life once and for all!

I'm sick of being stuck this way!
I'm going to do it!
 cuz baby, I'm a 
 that song just came on!

When I didn't get the call {man I wanted that so bad}
I cried. I was at the drive-in crying while watching 
rise of the planet of the apes lol. But Hubbs whispered to me 
"You don't need the show to change your life, you can do it!"
As pissed as I was when he told me that, He is right. 
As bad as I wanted to be on the show, 
I can STILL do it at home. 
I do it, I will have done it myself!

Although I didn't get on Biggest Loser, I feel like I learned a lot.
Just filling out that application helped me come to terms with 
my weight, and that it's going to take hard work
to get to my healthy weight.

I joined this group called Commitment Team on Facebook, 
that Sarah set up to help get people to commit to something, 
and be held accountable for it.
It's amazing the amount of inspiration that comes from this group.
I love being a part of it. 
Just last week, Hubbs and I made a commitment to not eat out for lunch, 
and make healthier choices. And just in 6 days, I lost 5 POUNDS!


So starting tomorrow I am going to make sure to get my exercising in,
No fast food for lunch, and cut down on Pop. 

{I've got to start small in the pop area...I seriously am addicted!}

I will post more about my starting weight and all that tomorrow!

Have a great day everyone!!
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Hey Friends

Sorry for the lack of posting on my part. 
I've been really down lately. 

Some things have happened that just have me not acting myself.
I found out my sister-in-law is pregnant.

Which is really exciting for her!
But As all of you know I have had a really rough 
time keeping any kind of bun in my oven. 

It's a really exciting thing for her, and when my other SIL
got pregnant, I was a little upset too.
But I love my niece more than words can even explain.

Just look how cute she is..

But this time is different.
My last miscarriage was in August
and its hard to swallow everything that is going on.

It's hard to think that if everything would have went well,
I would be pregnant right now too. 

Its just JEALOUSY.

I'm trying look on the bright side of things.
I am going to be starting school soon, 
and getting a jump start on my career.

So being pregnant right now just isn't for me. 
But Congrats to my sister Brittney! 


I said at the beginning of my journey that I am going to 
be doing a diet similar to HCG but with no HCG.
On HCG you have to take a break from your 
LCD. {low calorie diet}
So for the past 2 weeks I have been taking a break. 

The purpose of the break is to ensure that you can maintain
the weight loss within 2-3 pounds. 

So I am happy to say that I have done just that. 
I have been fluxuating between 215-218.

Starting monday, I am going to be back on my LCD
and eating healthy! So there will be better weigh-ins and a lot more results!!

So stay tuned!

ALSO, I am in the process of dumping both my computers.
So let's hope I can get this done ASAP :)

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weight Myself Wednesday!!

Today is 


Remember when I started I was 

Last time I weighed myself I weighed in at 
{16.6 pound loss so far}

Today I weighed myself and it said



I am so irritated. :(

I have been beyond stressed lately
so hopefully I can blame it on that. 

I even contemplated not even posting today.
But I know that I owe it to my followers.
{all 30 of you :)}
{it means a lot, really, that people care about what I am trying to do}

I owe it to you to let you know that I am REAL.
I am a real life person.

A person who struggles.

A person who cheats and has 10 M&Ms.

A person who slacked and had 1
boneless buffalo wing.

But I know in my heart that I don't want to give up.
{Even though my brain tells me sometimes that I am just kidding myself}

Just know that I AM real.
I do struggle.
And losing weight isn't easy.

It took me 3 years to do this to myself.

So I am not going to transform over night. 

I *promise* to do better this week.
Not only for you guys,
but for me too.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weigh Myself Wednesdays!!

Today is 

Okay remember when I started this thing?
I weighed in at a whopping

231.6 pounds

This morning when I weighed myself

I saw.....

wait for it....


That is a loss of 4 pounds.
{not SUPER happy about this number}

But a loss is a loss.

I picked up two 2lb weights and it made me feel better.

I am down a total of
16.6 pounds!

This past weekend I really really struggled, 
and I cheated a few times.
{not with usual cheat food like french fries, and burgers}

We're talking like Pringles people...


No Pringles while on diets!

On another note.
I am sick today.
What is up with that? Really?
I was sick LAST week.
I'm not in the mood for anything today.
 I just want to SLEEP!!
As far as a recipe goes, 

I will share what I had for dinner last night. 
 it's called...

Not the most exciting thing, but it was SO good.

We put all kinds of awesome seasonings on
boneless skinless chicken breasts
{Our favorites are}
Garlic Salt
Lemon & Herb
Season All
Mustard Powder
And some Awesome Greek stuff we have.
{don't know the name}
After your the chicken is coated put in oven!
After chicken is cooked, 
take out and shred.
Hubbs and I used corn tortillas because they are significantly healthier.
Heat the tortillas by getting a damp
paper towel and wrapping the tortillas in it.
Heat in microwave for 30 seconds, and BAM. PERFECT!

Tyler put all sorts of healthy crap in it, like peppers and tomatoes 
{I hate those lol. I am plain Jane} and you can to!
Anything healthy go ahead and load it up. 

I can't have much carbs, if any at all.
So I just made one taco, and had a few chicken pieces on the side
On mine, I put the chicken, and a Tsp of cheese.
{not really allowed on my diet, but tacos with no cheese are NO BUENO!}
Usually I would put ranch on it because I could literally DRINK ranch.
Who else loves LOVED ranch that much?
My Hubbs thinks I have a serious problem. Lol
But since I can't have anything like ranch. 
I've been using balsamic vinegar! It is SO good.
This particular dinner tasted like Javier's Enchiladas! 
I have NO idea WHY, but It was DELISH!

PS. Hubbs is down 12 pounds!!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Today is another......

When I started my diet LIFE STYLE CHANGE 
I weighed in at 231.6 
{Excuse me while I puke...}

This morning…
Drum roll please

That is a 12.6 pound loss!!!

I can’t believe I am actually doing it.

Usually by now, I would have given up.

But I am so determined.

ALSO, the Hubbs is doing great as well!

{he’s not really looking to lose 
a certain amount of weight he just
wants his high school football bod back}

Now I need to take a second to talk about Hubbs.
Oh how I am grateful for him. 
Before I started this whole thing, I told him, 

“Last time, this diet, weight loss thing didn’t work because we had too much junk in the house, and I would watch you eat potato chips, 
drink Pepsi so I just gave up." 

I figured, if he didn’t care about me getting to my goal then  
why the hell am I even trying? 

So we had a long talk before the New Year so that we were on the same page. Now when I look in our fridge I think, 
“What in the…? Who are you people and what have you done with Tyler and Jaimie?” 

But I can’t be happier about it! 
We have fruits, salads, NO 24 packs of soda, unthawing chicken? 
And let me just tell you, yesterday, when we were shopping, 
Hubbs wanted to replace regular milk with soy milk! 


We are doing it people. 
And I am so grateful that I am not going at it alone.
I am so happy for both of us

I love my Hubbs and I am really thankful 
that he is helping me so much. 

So we’re standing in the kitchen the other day when I was 
having a rough time, all I could do was cry.
 All I wanted was a #1 w/cheese, 
plain, with a biggie Dr. Pepper.

   Why does this have to be such a struggle for me? 
Why can’t I just SUCK IT UP and get on with it?

Hubbs wipes my tears away,
gives me the biggest bear hug, 
and tells me....
“You can do it, I know you can. 
We can do it together. I am here for you.” 

My heart melted. 

Even though sometimes he doesn’t know, 
he motivates me, everysingleday.

Okay okay, I’m done with the mushy stuff


I want to share with you a DELICIOUS recipe that 
I always eat on my diet LIFE STYLE CHANGE.
Thanks to my friend Chazney!

Do you LOVE chicken nuggets? 
Because I sure do! 
Here is a healthy alternative!

Pre-heat Oven to 400

Cube boneless chicken breast to
desired size and set aside.

Take saltine crackers and
crush in Ziploc bag.
{I use 4. That is my allowed amount
 and covers my allowed amount of chicken!}

Add desired DRIED seasonings
{I use, garlic salt, season all, and
mustard powder}

Add Chicken to bag and shake like it’s nobody’s business. 

When the chicken is covered, put on a baking sheet. 

Pop into oven until cooked.  
{my oven is from the 19 century and cooks really fast, so I can’t ever tell people how long to cook things in the oven because my oven is on roids}

{Also, this could be used for whole chicken breasts, or even pork chops!}

When they are finished, try it. 
You will LOVE THEM!! 
Serve with vegetables! 
I think they would be perfect for a Super Bowl treat! 
Or if your little one likes chicken nuggets,
give them the healthier alternative!

I hope you like this recipe, 
because I use it ALL THE TIME!!

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